The company joined the #ambicionCOP26 initiative. This campaign aims to get the Glasgow Climate Summit to define, with a constructive, proactive and collaborative approach, the mechanisms that accelerate climate mitigation and adaptation so that the increase in temperature remains below 1.5 degrees above the pre-industrial level.

Transfesa Logistics has signed the “COP26 ambition manifesto”. This document calls to take advantage of the upcoming Climate Summit, from November 1st to 12th in Glasgow, to boost the fight against climate change. 

In this sense, it proposes that COP26 serves to define “with a constructive, proactive and collaborative approach, the mechanisms that accelerate climate mitigation and adaptation that achieve the increase in temperature to remain below 1.5 degrees above the pre-industrial level”. Given the magnitude of this great challenge, the signatories request the commitment of governments, companies and third sector to build a carbon-neutral economy and be more resilient to climate change. In addition to this, they reinforce that the mobilization of the entire society is also necessary since it is a common, global task of utmost urgency. 

The manifesto insists that “the time is now” and that one must act with courage, “being aware of the benefits that a decarbonized society more prepared and secure in the face of climate change will offer.” For this reason, a co-responsible mobilization is requested. And, consistent with this petition, each signatory of this manifesto has publicly made a commitment to take part in some way in climate action.  

According to Isabel Núñez, Transfesa Logistics’ Environment and Sustainability Manager, “being a part of this initiative is one more step in the firm commitment we have to the climate emergency. This summit is a unique opportunity to make visible the need for all of us to build a new economic model, free of emissions, in which the future of the planet is a priority”. 

In line with the objectives of the campaign, the company works on a day-to-day basis to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, including SDG 13 “Action for climate” as a priority. Currently, it has the MITECO CALCULATION and REDUZCO seals for the actions it has taken to reduce the carbon footprint associated with its activity. Among them, the commitment to have 100% of the electrical supply from a renewable origin in all the facilities in which the company has control. 

Likewise, it’s committed to implementing a more sustainable intermodal logistics chain with the train as the central axle of its operations. Coinciding with the European Year of the Railroad, Transfesa Logistics reinforces the role that this modality plays in freight transport in the fight against climate change, due to its low carbon footprint, non-existent in some cases. If it can increase its share by 30% before 2030, an objective set by Europe in its mobility strategy, the emission of 290 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere will be avoided and a firm step will be taken in the decarbonisation of transport, one of the sectors with the greatest climate impact.