Fieldeas, a company dedicated to boosting industrial activity through the digitalisation of processes, shows its support to this initiative that aims to enhance the value of the railway in order to achieve a more sustainable logistics chain with the environment that surrounds us.

The “Freight belongs on rail” initiative continues to gain support since it began in the Iberian Peninsula in 2021 on the occasion of the European Year of the Railway.

Fieldeas, dedicated to the integration of software solutions designed to digitise companies’ business processes, is the latest member to join this initiative with the aim of promoting the train as a more sustainable mode of freight transport and moving towards more environmentally friendly supply chains to achieve the goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Óscar Lópes Tresgallo, CEO of Fieldeas: “It is a pleasure for us to join the “Freight belongs on rail” initiative. For several years we have been focusing on the rail sector because we firmly believe that this means of transport must bring capacity and, of course, sustainability to the market. Its development in national transport will allow us to make decisive progress in the commitments to reduce emissions that we have on the horizon in the medium term.

He also adds that “There are many initiatives from both the public and private sectors that are trying to promote the transport of goods by rail and from the technological field, we also want to do our bit, matching the level of digitisation in this means of transport to that already existing in other means of transport. It is everyone’s job to push the railway sector forward and eliminate the reluctance that exists in the market, so that there is a firm commitment on the part of users”.

The initiative aims to raise awareness among public institutions, the business sector and society in general of the importance of shifting a significant part of freight transport to rail, thus reducing emissions in a sector that is responsible for around 27% of Spain’s total greenhouse gas emissions.