The logistics and rail freight transport company reinforces its commitment to work-life balance.

These spaces will be equipped with a sofa, a fridge and water points to facilitate the day-to-day life of the mothers on staff.

Spain’s leading private rail operator continues to make progress in terms of work-life balance. Coinciding with World Breastfeeding Week, Transfesa Logistics has announced the inauguration of a breastfeeding room located at its headquarters in Madrid, where there are currently several pregnant women. This project will be extended to the rest of the company’s centres, with more than 50 employees, when this need arises in any of them.

In line with its commitment to facilitate and promote the incorporation of women in this sector, the organisation has launched this initiative, assigning a space available to anyone who requests it. It is a room with the necessary hygienic and logistical conditions for this use, which also allows for refrigerated storage.

With this action, Transfesa Logistics celebrates and joins the World Breastfeeding Week that counts, among its allies, with Unicef and the World Health Organisation.

UNICEF estimates that exclusive breastfeeding until the age of six months can prevent the deaths of 1.3 million children under the age of five every year. However, nearly two in three children under the age of one are not exclusively breastfed for the recommended six months, a rate that has not improved in two decades.

Likewise, LactApp, a Spanish start-up dedicated to breastfeeding and motherhood, states in its annual report last year that the percentage of women who stopped breastfeeding before six months increased by 21%, due to the incorporation of face-to-face employment and the scarcity of resources in companies to facilitate breastfeeding.

For this reason, Transfesa Logistics, in line with this action, is committed to promoting this type of initiative by adapting its facilities for this purpose.

“These spaces have been designed to make it easier for the company’s breastfeeding mothers to reconcile their professional activity with the maintenance of breastfeeding, which is so beneficial for the wellbeing of their children”. Carlos Saldaña, Human Resources Director at Transfesa Logistics, says.