• The AENOR ‘Zero Waste’ certificate recognises organisations that recover at least 90% of their waste fractions.
  • This project is part of the company’s action plan to achieve SDG 12 ‘Responsible Production and Consumption’, which contributes directly to the necessary change towards a more circular economy.

Transfesa Logistics has received the AENOR ‘Zero Waste’ certificate, which verifies that the company recovers more than 90% of its waste, giving it a second life and preventing it from ending up in landfill.

It is the first company in the railway sector to obtain the certificate certifying that the company has a waste management system that complies with the requirements of Regulation RP-CSG-057, the most demanding in its category.

The application of a circular model is one of the main axes of Transfesa Logistics’ environmental policy, which has been recognised as ‘Zero Waste’ thanks to the improvement in waste generation and management processes.

Organised waste management has enabled it to reuse and/or transform waste, reintroducing it into the value chain and generating a positive effect on the conservation of natural resources and biodiversity. The AENOR certificate is in addition to those already obtained by the company in environmental and energy matters: ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 and contributes to the achievement of SDG 12: responsible production and consumption, one of the priority sustainable development objectives for the company.