According to the latest official State Railway Safety Agency (AESF) examination results, Transfesa Logistics Railway School has the highest percentage of candidates who have passed the Machinist Licence and/or Diploma theoretical test.

The centre has better student satisfaction levels with the training provided and its innovative technological methodology.

The Transfesa Logistics Railway School is the approved training centre with the highest percentage of passing students in the theoretical test for the Train Driving Licence and/or Diploma.

According to the latest official State Railway Safety Agency (AESF) examination results,students at this centre had the highest percentage of passes in the theoretical test.

These results support the path taken by the school, which since opening has excelled in training train drivers, especially with regard to the teaching staff’s reputation. The teaching method in particular focuses on getting through the AESF exam and being ready to work with the best teams on the market, alongside machinists who have had a long and experienced career on Transfesa Logistics trains. 

For Santiago Bullido, business manager at the School, “knowing that the percentage of students that we put through the exam is at the top of the passing list compared to other centres, as well as the satisfaction they show for the courses, is very good news for the entire team of professionals who are part of this project. From the beginning, our goal has always been to provide our students with the best trainers and teachers, all recognised experts in the railway sector in their respective subjects, and to provide the best tools with the most advanced technology on the market to help each of our students achieve their goals”.

First-rate specialised training

Since the centre started, eight promotions of the train driver course have already been carried out, in addition to numerous other qualifications and certificates. These include a wide range of specialised training activities for ground personnel: Circulation Assistant, Sidings and Branch Circulation In-Charge, Train Operations Assistant, Vehicle Manoeuvres Operator and Cargo Operations In-Charge.

State-of-the-art technology

The centre stands out for its innovative learning methods, combining theoretical and practical training with the use of new technologies. It has one of the most advanced simulators on the market. This is a team created specifically for the school, in collaboration with the Centre for Research in Railway Technologies (CITEF). In addition, a large part of the practices come from Effective Driving methods used with the company’s own traffic.