The private operator has collaborated and stars in the new urban artwork created by artists Rotto, MKS, Tako and Miguel.

This action is part of Transfesa Logistics’ commitment to social action which, as they describe, “forms part of the company’s DNA”.

The rail freight transport and logistics services company, Transfesa Logistics, has teamed up with urban artists Rotto, MKS, Tako and Miguel to give a new life to the entrance mural of the Götze Foundation.

Through their economic collaboration, the also protagonist of the urban artwork has managed to give a more modern and welcoming air to the entrance door of the Foundation, a non-profit organisation that encompasses a comprehensive set of services aimed at people with intellectual disabilities.

During the inauguration ceremony, held on 20 July, the event was attended by Idoia Galindo, CEO of Transfesa Logistics, who was joined by Ignacio Tremiño Gómez, director general of the Department of Family, Youth and Social Policy’s Office for the Care of People with Disabilities; Javier Álvarez de Espejo Mariátegui, Secretary General of the Board of Trustees of the Götze Foundation, Teresa Montiel Allendesalazar, member of the Board of Trustees, and Clara Moreno de Borbón, Director General of the Götze Foundation.

Taking advantage of the occasion, Galindo pointed out that this “is a mural that we believe is going to become an icon, both for the Foundation and for the area – given the visibility it has”. This work, he explains, “is a faithful reflection of our commitment to social action, which has formed part of the heart and soul of our company since its first steps”.

For Clara Moreno de Borbón, this new mural is “an important visibility project for the Foundation so that people, when they pass in front of our facilities, know more about what we do, and we hope that this mural will also prevent the graffiti from uncivic people that we have been suffering for years”.

In this respect, Transfesa Logistics’ collaboration with Fundación Götze joins other social actions already carried out with Fundación Madrina, Plan Internacional, Madreselva and the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL). With them, the firm has already collected 2,000 kilos of food, transported 66 tonnes of food, stored 250 tonnes of provisions and sanitary material and donated 900 kilos of plastics for reuse.

Likewise, in light of the latest geopolitical events, Transfesa Logistics has been the main promoter in Spain of the humanitarian rail corridor set up by DB Cargo to deliver donations to Ukraine.

More than 800,000 kilos of humanitarian aid have been transported there in two convoys that have channelled part of Spain’s solidarity.