We want Spain to achieve its climate targets. Freight transport has a key role to play in this regard. The more freight the country moves from road to rail, the greater the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. We want to do our bit, which is why we have created our “Freight to Rail” campaign. Now you too can do your part by supporting us. Everyone who joins the campaign makes it bigger, stronger and more visible. 

We are a group of organizations that wanted to join the campaign initiated in Germany by DB Cargo to promote the transport of goods by rail. “Goods to Rail” is what we call this initiative in Spain, which seeks to raise awareness among public institutions, the business sector and society in general of the importance of shifting freight from road to rail in order to reduce emissions in the transport sector, which is responsible for 30% of total emissions. We do this in the context of the European Year of Railways in 2021. Let’s make rail a priority to save our planet. Today only 4% of freight is transported by rail in Spain. Help us to increase the share. We have a common goal.