• The Spanish Shippers’ Association seeks to contribute to reduce the negative impact of transport on the environment by collaborating with other agents of the railway sector.

ACE, the Spanish Shippers’ Association, which represents large freight transport companies and users of freight transport, joins the ‘Goods on the Train’ campaign, the initiative led by Transfesa Logistics.

With this incorporation, ‘Mercancías al Tren’ continues to join forces in its task of achieving a zero-emission transport sector that is committed to the environment. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of the importance of transporting freight by train, the most environmentally sustainable means of freight transport.

Carlos Castán, president of ACE, points out that “we are aware of the need to make progress in reducing the environmental footprint of our activities. More and more shippers are looking for rail transport solutions that allow them to take trucks off the road and become an efficient alternative for the fulfilment of business objectives in terms of sustainability”.

Furthermore, he adds that “with the reorientation of its transport chains towards rail, the shipper reinforces its commitment to contribute to the achievement of the global decarbonisation objectives, set by national and European administrations.” Idoia Galindo, CEO of Transfesa Logistics, the company behind the initiative in Spain, welcomes this adhesion and states that “it is essential for the campaign that those who transport goods support rail and know its advantages. More and more of us are fighting to put freight on the train”.