The Pillars of our Organization

  • Mission. Transfesa's mission is to offer its customers the best and most efficient logistics solution at any time in order to simplify their daily business and increase their profitability.
  • Vision. To be the best and most efficient logistics services company. To this end, Transfesa bases its differential strategy on a thorough knowledge of the railway sector and a strong partnership with DB Cargo, an international leader in transportation and logistics.

The cornerstones of Transfesa's vision are:

  • Quality and customer orientation (creation of results).
  • Sustainable and profitable business growth (value creation).
  • Commitment to high quality employment (quality of life)    
  • Being an eco-pioneer (care for the environment)

Our Values

  • Integrity with ourselves, our colleagues, our clients and suppliers and with society in general.
  • Teamwork as a work concept based on respect, trust in our colleagues, transparency, empathy and common commitment, open and honest communication, loyalty and fun.
  • Social awareness, understanding our environment and being aware that our impact has to be long-lasting and beneficial for society, acting ethically and honestly at all times.
  • Proactivity and leadership in response to change, accepting changes as something natural; addressing them with excitement and making an effort to continuously improve. Being flexible and adapting fast, but tenaciously and consciously, to the modifications in our environment.
  • Promoting talent, rewarding those efforts that contribute effectively to the results and the ambition to improve.
  • Customer orientation, focusing all of our efforts on generating higher value, fostering loyalty among our clients.

Transfesa is a company committed to:

  • Business ethics and transparency in all areas of its activity.
  • Its employees, encouraging a "sense of belonging" and involvement in company projects at all times.
  • Its shareholders, complying with the objectives for growth and profitability outlined in corporate strategy at all times.
  • Its clients, providing customized solutions that fully meet their needs and expectations at all times.
  • The environment, by enhancing the railway transport logistics chain - one of today's most environmentally friendly means of transport.