Our background

Transfesa Logistics, is the European leader and a pioneer in Spain in rail transport. It was founded in Badajoz in 1943 in order to transport special goods in privately owned wagons.

Transfesa Logistics began by transporting sheep and cattle using high-capacity bogie wagons. Later it extended to transporting parcels, food products and fruit.

Years later, Transfesa Logistics revolutionized the market when it began international rail transport operations thanks to the use of the first wagons with interchangeable axles, which solved the problem of different track widths between Spain and Europe which prevented the circulation of wagons beyond Spain’s borders.

In 1950, the first axle changing facility in Hendaya was built and in the same year regular transport services to the rest of Europe began. Representative offices and traffic agencies were established in different European countries, such as France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and Portugal. Transfesa Logistics began the process that would transform it into one of the leading rail operators in Europe.

A diversification process took place over the years whereby fruit and vegetable products reduced their share and other types of industrial goods and consumer goods became a more prominent part of the business. Cars, parts and components, electrical appliances, fertilizers, silica sands, toys, shoes, etc., are the most significant. New business segments emerged from this consolidation process. Transfesa Logistics develops comprehensive logistics services, undertaking the long-distance transport, preferably by rail, the collection and distribution by road and the consolidation and storage in line with the specific requirements of each of its client’s projects.

In 2007, the German group Deutsche Bahn acquired 51% of the company’s social capital. Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) is Germany’s leading rail company (a private corporation) and its main shareholder is the Federal Republic of Germany. Currently, DB has an 80% share of the social capital of Transfesa Logistics. Thanks to its alliance with the German company DB Schenker, which offers logistics services in more than 130 countries, Transfesa Logistics provides door-to-door transport services by road, train or a combination of the two, from any origin to any destination in Europe.

We have specialised in all the supply chain services, such as the consolidation of orders, transport, storage and supply to factories and also the distribution chain with the storage of the finished product, the transport and distribution to clients. Through our investee companies we also operate within the internal chain. We work for the principal European business sectors using our own and external resources.

The creation of new companies has given rise to the management of complementary services to rail transport in order to support the comprehensive logistics services. Therefore, the company offers a complete solution from the origin to the destination of the goods:

  • Management of warehouses, providing storage solutions adapted to the needs of the client.
  • Multi-modal terminals for the general cargo and dangerous goods industry management of rail and port terminals.  
  • Vehicle logistics centres.

Furthermore, Transfesa Logistics provides rail maintenance services (maintenance and track assistance), and support services to the rail sector (change of axles, hire of assets and technical assistance).

All of this makes Transfesa Logistics a leading logistics company, specialised in all of the links of the value chain.