Code of Conduct

Transfesa Logistics' Code of Conduct comprehends respect for internal principles, values ​​and guidelines, as well as its commitment to compliance with regulations. It defines the standards for good corporate governance, business orientation and contact with stakeholders in our daily activities.

Customer orientation, profitability, progress, cooperation and responsibility are the core elements of the code and which should govern our daily endeavours. And this code, which is mandatory, is based on the solid business model of Transfesa, and on the commitment to develop its commercial activity with a completely ethical and legal focus.

The current version of the Code of Conduct can be found in the menu bar on the right.

Practical questions

The following questions help to assess the future decision-making or actions in the daily routine:

  • Is my action or decision legal?
  • Does it comply with the Code of Conduct?
  • Is it unaffected by conflicts of interest?
  • Do my actions impair Transfesa’s image in society?