Transfesa Logistics, the link to Europe's most extensive rail network

With Transfesa Logistics, any goods can reach the furthest corners of Europe

Transfesa Logistics holds the "key" that opens the door to Europe's most extensive transport network thanks to its strong partnership with DB Cargo.
Why choose Transfesa Logistics?

  • For its experience and in-depth knowledge of the railway sector. Transfesa Logistics boasts over 70 years’ experience working in this field.
  • Because the company "knows no borders”. Transfesa Logistics has the largest fleet of wagons with interchangeable axles in Europe, allowing it to manage track gauge changes between the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of Europe. What is more, the company has its own fleet of 4,500 wagons (75% of the fleet can be used for international traffic).
  • Because 1,900 swap bodies mean we can transport a wide variety of goods suitable for intermodal freight traffic.
  • Because Transfesa Logistics transportation network is supported by DB Cargo.
  • Because Transfesa Logistics offers a comprehensive solution, tailor-made to clients’ needs, from goods’ origin to destination.
  • Because the railway, which is lies at the heart of Transfesa Logistics logistics operations, is the most ecological means of transport today.
  • Because Transfesa Logistics has both own and outsourced traction.
  • Because Transfesa Logistics has been certified as an Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) of freight wagons by the Directorate General of Railways of Spain's Ministry of Public Works and Transport since May 2013.
  • Because we are the only company that manages the only two axle change facilities in the Iberian Peninsula for freight wagons on the French-Spanish border.
  • Because major clients have already chosen us. Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat and BMW, K-LOG, to name a few.
  • Because Transfesa Logistics has implemented a series of multimodal rail corridors all over Europe, which on average 392 wagons pass through every day of the year.

Wide variety of resources and assets
Transfesa Logistics fleet of wagons includes car carrier wagons, platforms for containers and swap bodies, wagons for liquefied gases, bulk wagons and covered wagons for general cargo.  


Rail corridors
An example of co-operation between DB Cargo and Transfesa Logistics
A prime example of business success and cooperation between Transfesa Logistics and DB Cargo Automotive is the Mediterranean Corridor, which currently operates ten times a week.
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