TOIS G5: New customer service online platform.

TOIS G5 is a communication channel that provides a rigorous goods tracking service in all the transport and storage processes carried out with the companies of the group.

TOIS G5 is a new multilingual platform (English, German, French and Spanish) which has a wide range of tools to offer more secure, visual, fast and flexible information services. Our objective is to offer our clients the best standards in terms of the development, maintenance and integration of in-formation systems.

It enables the simultaneous use by hundreds of users and multiple applications in order to cover all the logistics processes such as rail transport, road transport, distribution, intermodal terminals, vehicles storage compounds and storage management.

Its wide range of functions makes it a strategic tool for our clients, providing updated information about Customer Order Management, the Tracking of Shipments, Invoicing, Rail News and Transport Incidences and Reports.

TOIS G5 has been developed with the latest Internet technologies, including radiofrequency applications and GPS cartography.  

Furthermore, it is totally compatible with mobile devices, enabling the access to information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the world.