ANUBIS G4.5: Avant-garde technology for logistics chain management

ANUBIS is the integrated corporate system that supports the processes of the whole logistics cycle of the companies in the Transfesa Logistics Group.

It is a reliable and consolidated system which undergoes constant technological evolution and is adapted so as to fully meet the requirements of each client and each of the logistics projects.

Principal characteristics:

  • Multi-company, multi-site, multi-client, multilingual (English, Spanish and German).
  • An integrated system that supports the whole production cycle of any traffic and logistics service.
  • Designed and developed to adjust to the needs of the client.
  • More powerful and secure. Advanced multi-company/multi-client concept (multi-tenancy).
  • Improved performance, meeting the highest safety standards. ISO 27001 Certificate.
  • Enables the exchange and processing of more than one million EDI transactions each day.
  • A more attractive interface based on a modern design. New and improved usability to increase the efficiency and performance of users.
  • Tracking and locating of the containers and goods of the client irrespective of the mode of transport.
  • Integration of RFID events, ISR Raildata, GPS, alarms and a powerful communication and integra-tion platform. TAF-TSI Common Interface, European RSRD2.