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Escuela Ferroviaria de Transfesa Rail

On 9th October 2017, the Railway School of Transfesa (Escuela Ferroviaria de Transfesa -EFTF-) became the training centre of the Transfesa Group and is approved by the Spanish Agency for Railway Safety (AESF).

Why are we your best option?

We are endorsed by our 75 years of experience as the Transfesa Group: we are leaders of the private sector in logistics solutions and door-to-door goods transport.  We are specialized in intermodal transport and are a benchmark logistics company, consolidated in the automotive sector: from the production of parts until the delivery of the finished vehicle to the client in the destination. Our flagship is the railway. We have axle-changing facilities on the Franco-Spanish border, both in Cerbère and Hendaye, which enable us to operate the majority of the rail traffic between the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of Europe. Most of our wagons are equipped with interchangeable axles, representing the great majority of the total wagons operating in Europe.

We are aware of the significant investment, in terms of both time and money, required to train the drivers. Therefore we provide a serious and high quality training program. The Railway School of Transfesa has a clear philosophy: to add value and achieve excellence. How do we do it? By bringing together our know-how in the railway sector and the experience and dedication of our best professionals committed to quality training, with innovative learning methods, combining theoretical and practical training with the use of new technologies... Because our success is the success of our students.

The Railway School of Transfesa enables you to have contact with the real work of a driver: you will carry out your practical training on our own routes. You will learn from the best professionals and will have a personal tutor who will follow your progress and adapt your effective driving hours to your learning pace.

If you like the railway, you have a vocation for train driving and want to learn with the best professionals, do not go to any other centre, choose quality; choose the Railway School of Transfesa.

Do you want to get to know us? Do you strive for excellence? Do you want to form part of a leading company?

This is our calendar of courses (link to the calendar webpage), contact us at and enroll to the enrolment form.
As well as the driver courses, we also offer many more training options. These are the courses taught at the Railway School of Transfesa: (