Transfesa Logistics, ready to help you with Brexit changes

The United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union opens a new stage in commercial relations. Aware of the important role played by logistic operators, Transfesa Logistics is prepared to face this change and provide the best services, with maximum guarantees and personalised advice. 

The company has the largest transport network in Europe and extensive experience in the integral management of the supply chain. This leadership position, its know-how and a highly qualified team allow us to provide complete solutions "door-to-door" tailored to each client in this new context. 

A specialised team at your disposal

Transfesa Logistics has a team specialised in the international transport as well as in all procedures related to Brexit. If you have any doubts or need further information on customs processes or expected market variations, you can contact us in this telephone number: 91 387 99 00.

Transfesa Logistics, firm ally in the logistics chain

The company offers all its knowledge and its extensive resources to help you improve in the logistics chain without the possible political changes affecting drastically the operation of your contracts. We accompany you during the whole process, from the origin to the final.  

The train, an opportunity with great advantages

Rail services are now presented as a means with great advantages for an integrated, fast and flexible connection. The train allows a great customs agility with the capacity to dispatch a complete convoy, instead of container by container.