Transfesa Logistics presents its developments in port logistics digitization at the “Transport Logistic” forum in Munich

Several Spanish success stories were studied in this professional online forum. Among them was the SORTLOT project, led by Transfesa Logistics to achieve active transport networks, connected and equipped with the most advanced technology: Big Data, Blockchain, IoT, AI and Machine Learning.

The CIO of Transfesa Logistics and Head of the Logistics Competence Center (CCL) of DB Cargo, Jorge González, participated in the “Transport Logistic” forum, the international conference on logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management.  

This professional platform has dedicated a panel to analyze the success stories of Spain in terms of digitization in the ports sector. And this is where Transfesa Logistics stands out, which currently has active projects in the Port Authorities of Gijón, Santander, Cádiz and Valencia.  

During his speech at the session entitled "How digitization is revolutionizing maritime logistics and multimodal transport", he explained Transfesa Logistics' commitment to digital innovation, as well as the numerous technological advances that have been implemented in the market in recent years, among which is port logistics.  

As an example, González explained how the SORTLOT project is progressing, co-financed by the Ministry of Development through the CDTI, which is now 75% completed and will end in 2023. It is an R&D initiative that is carried out in the logistics chain between an automotive factory and the Port of Santander.  

The project "MANAGEMENT SYSTEM OF A TRANSPORTATION NETWORK (GOODS AND TRAVELERS) AND LOGISTICS WITH TRACEABILITY", carried out by the Consortium formed by the companies TRANSFESA LOGISTICS, INNOCV and GOAL SYSTEMS thanks to the financing of the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) within the CIEN STRATEGIC PROGRAM call, proposes a paradigm shift in the logistics and transport chain with the creation of a dynamic, open, reliable and intelligent network in which all the authorized actors of the sector are participants and a totally secure and reliable end-to-end traceability is achieved thanks to the use of disruptive technologies. 

SORTLOT validates the use and integration of the most advanced tools for the digitization of transport routes and their processes. The objective is to achieve a transformation of current networks through different technologies and create an automated, efficient and highly reliable ecosystem that integrates the most cutting-edge technologies: big data, blockchain, IoT, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, among others. The combination of all of them will make it possible to improve operations and automate processes. A change that will eliminate paper or trace the goods in real-time throughout the process. 

Likewise, he highlighted that it is an open ecosystem, prepared to integrate with other systems such as SIMPLE and any other Port Community System (PCS).  

González has shared a panel with the Coordinator of the European project FEDeRATED, Roeland van Bockel, and the head of the Services Area for the Port Community of State Ports, Jaime Luezas. Both detailed what the SIMPLE Platform consists of and the importance of data sharing. 

The participation of Transfesa Logistics in forums such as "Transport Logistic" highlights the importance that the company gives to innovation to provide the market with the most avant-garde solutions and become a leading and fully trusted company that connects Europe with door to door comprehensive services.