SEMAT: "best logistics service in the automotive sector" awarded by La Razón

The "Housing and Business Excellence" awards of the La Razón newspaper have recognised SEMAT's career with the award for "best logistics service in the automotive sector".

The "Housing and Business Excellence" awards, organised by the newspaper La Razón, have awarded SEMAT (Sociedad de Estudios y Exploitación de Material Auxiliar de Transportes, S.A.) the "Best Logistics Service in the Automotive Sector" award.

The company, 63% owned by Transfesa and 37% by RENFE, manages 5 platforms that total more than 1,000,000 m2 with ​​9,000 m2 made up of workshops, 35,000 parking spaces, as well as a large area for loading and unloading for both rail and truck. It also has a mobile park that is made up of 700 car carrier waggons and a fleet of vehicle carrier trucks.

At the delivery ceremony, Carlos Rodríguez Braun, MC of the event, highlighted "the quality of customer service" as the main characteristic of the company since its inception more than 75 years ago. A quality that has earned it its recognition for its work in this edition.

Braun recalled the long history of SEMAT and its value proposition in the market "vehicle storage, fleet management, customization and repair are some of the services it offers in its extensive network of logistics centres throughout the national territory. Its facilities are strategically located and equipped for any logistical need for warehousing or car preparation and have access by road and rail ”.

Likewise, he pointed out that they have information systems that allow monitoring, at any time, of all the logistics processes that it carries out, from collection to final delivery. "All this makes SEMAT represent excellence in logistics service for the automotive sector, " he said.

For his part, the general director of SEMAT, José Andrés Arribas, in charge of collecting the award, wanted, first of all, to thank La Razón for this distinction at a time as special as the current one marked by the situation after the pandemic. Arribas stressed that it was “an honour that after almost 78 years of activity, the company continues forward. Especially, in a sector like the automotive industry that is suffering a lot under these circumstances. ”    

During his speech, he wanted to dedicate a special part to the memory of the creators of the project and also to the team "We cannot betray the founders who were true entrepreneurs in 1942. They decided to create this company by equipping it with waggons, something that at the time was quite an adventure. In these times, we continue to bet on people. Despite the health situation, the SEMAT workers have not stopped, they have given their all to continue to provide the best service. For this reason, we want to share this award with them, for the effort they have made and for what we still have to do, since we aim to get to the 100-year mark”.