Transfesa evolves to Transfesa Logistics

In Transportes Ferroviarios Especiales S.A. we change our name to "Transfesa Logistics S.A.".

In Transfesa we change our name to "Transfesa Logistics". We keep our name, which reflects 75 years of history, and we add the surname that best defines our current activity: comprehensive logistics services.

We keep our CIF number: we only evolve the name to one that represents who we are.
This stage is marked by the desire to anticipate the needs of our clients and respond to new demands with a full range of logistics solutions, door-to-door transport and rail services. All of this with the guarantee of a leading company that focuses on innovation and digitalization in its processes and that also turns all its know-how into a newly created railway school that is achieving great success.

A consolidated company

At Transfesa Logistics, together with our consolidated position in the railway sector, which represents half of our turnover, we have become the main European logistics operator and railway services. We have the largest transport network in Europe and a solid infrastructure with more than 74,000 m2 of storage space and more than 1.1 million m2 in automotive logistics centers. Each year we carry out more than 170,000 expeditions between trains and trucks and more than one million cars are transported.
Human capital is one of our great pillars. At Transfesa Logistics we work with 1,350 professionals, highly qualified, in the 66 centres that the company has inside and outside our borders: Spain, the United Kingdom, Portugal, France and Germany, where is located our main shareholder, DB Cargo.

A sustainable future, focusing on the client

This change of denomination is marked by four corporate pillars that will be maintained in the future: excellence in quality and client orientation; sustainable and profitable business growth; the commitment to environmental care and quality employment; and the promotion of talent.