Transfesa Logistics collaborates in the disinfection of public service vehicles against COVID-19

The company uses ozone equipment from its mechanical workshop located in Alcorcón for cleaning and disinfecting public service vehicles.

Transfesa Logistics has offered to support the disinfection of public service vehicles using the equipment in Alcorcón’s mechanical workshop.

The company's workers have begun to carry out these tasks, using the two pieces of ozone equipment available, from this workshop which is routinely used for the maintenance and repair of railway components, machinery, industrial vehicles, and automobiles. At the beginning of April, the comprehensive treatment of two units a day of the Leganés local police mobile park began. The cleaning of other cars for the different state security forces continued during the rest of the month.

The Transfesa Logistics operators highlight that, in case it is necessary to increase their support work, the workshop has the capacity to disinfect four cars in the morning and three more in the afternoon.

This work is carried out in two stages. First, a deep cleaning is carried out with sprayers and products indicated for this purpose. Then, with the ozone equipment, we proceed to eliminate odours and eradicate polluting agents that could be suspended in the air or in different areas of the vehicle.

With this new initiative, Transfesa Logistics wants to continue collaborating with all available means to combat COVID-19.