Transfesa Logistics joins "#ferrosolidarios", the campaign to help the food emergency

This initiative, created by a group of workers in the railway sector, works to achieve its second challenge: raise 45,000 euros. The funds will go to provide food aid to the families who need it most.

The #ferrosolidarios campaign, which is backed by companies like Transfesa Logistics, wants to achieve its second challenge: raising 45,000 euros. This solidarity fund will be used to provide food aid to those families that need it most. 

As the organisers point out, this objective has been made possible "thanks to the solidarity of many workers from different railway companies, their family and friends, and other people who have joined in the project." 

The #ferrosolidarios initiative, launched by a group of railroad workers, was born with the idea of facing the food emergency caused by COVID-19. In their first challenge, they managed to raise 15,000 euros just one week after their launch on May 11th. The resources obtained were distributed among eleven groups in neighbourhoods of Madrid, Seville, and Malaga, who work intensively to meet the food needs of 3,000 vulnerable families, whom the health crisis and its economic consequences have placed in a very difficult situation in which they lack the most basic thing: food. 

Collaboration and transparency 

All people interested in collaborating can make a financial contribution by transfer to the following bank account that has been created specifically for the project: ES16-0049-2711-14-2614278082. In the concept of the contribution, which will be anonymous, "food aid COVID19" must be indicated. The owner is ATF Turisferr, an organisation created more than 55 years ago to promote social tourism in the railway community. 

The organisers of #ferrosolidarios have created the telegram channel "", and various profiles on social networks, to report on all aspects of the campaign: daily evolution of the solidarity fund, destination of donations and chosen criteria for distribution, forms, support received from organisations and companies, etc. 

Support in diffusion   

Transfesa Logistics has joined the solidarity proposal in order to help share the campaign through its social networks and other means of communication; a task that is also carried out by the rest of the collaborating railway companies such as Adif, Renfe, Ineco, the Spanish Railway Foundation, and ATF Turisferr. 

Transfesa Logistics' support for actions such as #ferrosolidarios forms part of the commitment acquired with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With this initiative, the company, founding partner in Spain of the Global Compact for the achievement of the 2030 Agenda, is working to achieve  SDG number 2 "Zero Hunger".