Transfesa Logistics, an innovative and dynamic company

Transfesa Logistics is the leading company in logistics and door-to-door freight transport solutions. This dynamism, characteristic of its activity sector, is also reflected in its brand image.

Our isotype is a graphic synthesis that brings together different meanings. It is a schematic representation of the wheel, the basis of land transport, in a dynamic process, complemented by the initial and terminal benefits that complete the basic service.
Applied to the different media and communication supports, the symbol always has an impact.

The exclusive design of our logo presents some distinctive features and a very characteristic set, which suggests the movement and dynamism of our organization.
It is an original logo designed by Transfesa Logistics, and its characters do not exist in any other form of writing, whether, typographical, photocomposition, transferable or computer writing.
Our logo is not only readable, but above all visible. Because of its personality and impact, it has the property of being recognized even without being read, shortly after being implemented.

The trademark is the merger of these two elements which becomes one, and must always be used in accordance with the specifications to be properly identified.