Paper and timber

Transfesa Logistics has a strong presence in the paper and timber market, through the management of trains with traction motors and own equipment, of loading and unloading operations in terminals and warehouses and the subcontracting of processes within the plant.

Why choose Transfesa Logistics?

  • Own and subcontracted traction.
  • Own wagons and equipment specialised for wood, pulp and paper rolls. 
  • National and international corridors.
  • Rail transport + haulage+ storage.
  • Comprehensive logistics management via rail or port terminals (consignment, stevedoring and transportation to the final customer).
  • Handling in warehouses and terminals under direct management.
  • Outsourcing of processes.
  • Development of custom-made solutions.
  • Maximum quality standards at the minimum cost.

More than 70 years of experience in the rail sector.