Simple solutions for complex goods: chemical and bulk

The transportation of chemical products and bulk goods requires a high level of expertise, specific quality controls and directives. We understand these needs at Transfesa Logistics, which is why we design solutions tailored to each of our clients.

Today, the railway is still the most suitable (and the cleanest) way to transport chemical products that are mainly dangerous or bulk goods.

Why choose Transfesa Logistics?

  • Specific wagons for bulk goods and chemical products.
  • Our own and subcontracted traction.
  • Teams specializing in the chemical industry and bulk goods.
  • Spanish and international solutions for door to door transportation of chemicals and bulk goods.
  • The highest standards of quality with the minimum cost.
  • Over 70 years' experience in the railway sector.

Products transported by Transfesa Logistics

  • Chemical and petrochemical products include biodiesel, bioethanol, diesel, ammonia, acrylonitrile, propylene oxide, etc.
  • Solid and liquid bulk goods include: cement, carbonates, sands and coal.

Transfesa Logistics Assets

Transfesa Logistics has a fleet of 450 wagons especially designed for transporting chemical products, biofuels, and solid and liquid bulk goods.