Safe solutions for sensitive goods

The consumer goods market consists of individuals’ desire to purchase products to meet their personal needs or those of their homes.

There are two types of markets for consumer goods, which can be distinguished by the type of goods involved:

a)    The perishable goods market
Consumer goods such as food and drink products are particularly sensitive cargo. Tangible goods of this type are destroyed almost immediately when they are used. At Transfesa Logistics, we are aware of the enormous complexity of the supply chain for consumer goods, in which the goods are continually exposed to risk. To meet the specific needs of this sector, at Transfesa Logistics, we have designed a range of specific solutions that ensure the safe and timely arrival of this sensitive material at any destination.
The market for perishable products includes transporting reefers (refrigerated containers) for frozen products or those needing to be transported at a controlled temperature.

b)   The durable goods market (general cargo)
In the durable goods market, the products are tangible and are not destroyed immediately when used, and as such they can be used on a more continuous basis. At Transfesa Logstics, we design and manage specific transportation and logistics solutions for these products, including electrical household appliances and industrial machinery.

Why choose Transfesa Logistics?

  • In each supply chain, we seek the best combination of transport modes and logistics to create the most efficient, cost-effective and appropriate solution for the customer.
  • Specialized teams in the consumer goods sector.
  • "Door to door” logistics services.
  • Transfesa Logistics transportation network is supported by DB Cargo this gives us the opportunity to reach any destination within Europe.
  • The highest standards of quality with the minimum cost.
  • Our own and subcontracted traction.
  • Minimal response time.
  • Efficient planning. We take into account the useful life of products and turnover when planning shipments.
  • Transfesa Logistics has its own warehouses near the major manufacturing and consumer centres, where the goods are collected, stored and delivered according to the client's needs.
  • Transfesa Logistics - a leader in intermodal transport
  • The advantage of multimodal transport is the use of a single intermediary, called a "multimodal transport operator," and a single transport contract to manage the entire operation, regardless of the means of transport used. As a company, Transfesa Logistics specializes in the rail transport of containers and swap bodies (1.700 swap bodies).

Transfesa Logistics Asset
Transfesa Logistics has a fleet of around 2.000 wagons especially designed for transporting general cargo.