Integrated finished vehicle logistics solutions

The complex structure of the automotive industry and its continuous change creates huge challenges when managing logistics solutions in this area. At Transfesa Logistics, we are well aware of these challenges, as such we put our business experience and intelligence at our clients' disposal to offer them the best and most efficient logistics solution at all times. Our objectives: to cut costs, streamline procedure and provide customized solutions from start to finish, with the highest quality throughout the supply chain.

Why choose Transfesa Logistics?

  • In each supply chain, we seek the best combination of transport modes and logistics to create the most efficient, cost-effective and appropriate solution for the client. We can offer a solution that is "comprehensive" or "modular", depending on the client's needs
  • Teams specializing in the automotive sector
  • We work closely with the market's leading automotive manufacturers and parts suppliers
  • Because Transfesa Logistics transportation network is supported by DB Cargo.
  • Specialization: Transfesa Logistics transports more than half a million vehicles every year
  • The highest standards of quality with the minimum cost
  • Minimal response time
  • Traceability of shipments through our website and app.

Services provided by Transfesa Logistics

  • Transport: train and lorry
  • Stocking, preparation and distribution
  • Comprehensive "door to door” management of the entire supply chain

Transfesa Logistics assets

  • 1.100.000 M2 of automobile logistics centres with a capacity for 38.000 cars
  • 1.600 car transporter wagons
  • 180 car carrier trucks